Group walks

If your dog is in need of some extra attention during the day for some exercise and mental stimulation, then our group walks would be perfect for your dog! We pick your dog up from your home and then they will spend an hour socialising with other dogs, this gives them the opportunity to learn and maintain good manners. We play fun games and activities, which keeps them mentally and physically active. We will also be practising recall, improve on lead walking and can continue with any training you have started at home.

 Each walk is different with new adventures and sniffs to explore daily. As we rent secure fields weekly, even dogs with poor recall or still in training can have a chance to learn new skills and play in a safe environment. All dogs are introduced safely to make sure they get on well and matched into groups with other like minded dogs. Your dog will return home tired out, content and ready for snuggles on the sofa. 

All breeds welcome - as long as they are friendly, our group walks would be perfect for them!
Prices start at £10 (£6 per extra dog)

Group walks +
Does your dog have boundless energy and thrives on more exercise? Are you looking for an alternative to doggy day care? Is your dog uncomfortable being home alone?
Then we offer group walks +, which means your dog can join us on multiple walks during the day at a discounted rate.
(£6 per extra walk in the same day)

Solo walks are also available for dogs that prefer their own space and need 1-1 attention.
Prices start at £10

Here at Think Pets your dogs safety is our top priority! We are a small team with 2 professional dog walking vans set up with ventilation and cages. Although advertising would be great for our business we choose to keep our vans unmarked for the dogs and home owners security, ensuring we don't draw any unwanted attention to your pet or home.
  • Darlington, County Durham, United Kingdom


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